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Good morning,

I feel sooo much better…. it is really amazing.  Yesterday I didn’t need an antihistamine – first time in over a month.

I also realized that being sick was a way of masking my fear of how to cope with what is going on, I am so afraid of not making the right decision not understanding how everything works – insurance, major home repairs, etc.

I am now feeling lighter, less congested and not so afraid of how things will work out.  Thank you

I am very happy to have met you and look forward to getting back to a happier state.

love kappi


I’ve had the pleasure and the good fortune of experiencing Nancy’s ThetaHealing work.

Her knowledge, her caring and her integrity are all clearly infused into the sessions that she offers.  Nancy fosters self-awareness and self-empowerment by helping each client to connect to Spirit – the Creator.  The ‘healing’ I experienced assisted me in releasing old belief systems that have until recently prevented me from feeling fully alive, truly content and profoundly healthy.  

I highly recommend her work to anyone who is sincere about personal growth.   

Being utterly whole and functioning participants in the dance of life is what I believe to be Nancy’s desire for all of her clients.   

With Gratitude,

Aida Neves,

Yoga Teacher

Certified Yoga Therapist


Nancy has been a family friend for years.  After my fathers passing last June I found myself depressed and confused.  I had heard Nancy was studying Theta Healing and messaged her for guidance.

Wow, after speaking with Nancy my life has changed immensely.  Nancy has pulled/discovered things about me to help me overcome these issues.  Through many sessions my rage has completely disappeared and awareness has begun.  She has taught me it is safe to feel emotions again.  

Nancy’s ambitiousness and energy is a joy to be around.

Honestly, I don’t know how I would have made it through this past year without her!!!  I look forward to my sessions with her as I know I will learn so much more about myself and feel so much better after!!

Nancy is greatly intuitive and so kind you feel safe and cared for.  Not only now do I have a life long friend, I feel like Nancy is my Sister, teacher and mentor for life….. Thank You Nancy for everything you do and I look forward to many more sessions with you…..

Love You

Shannon Robertson


I met Nancy through word of mouth and immediately felt that I had a new friend. She is compassionate, kind, loving and an AMAZING Theta Healer. But that’s just the small stuff…what struck me most is how much she really cares and truly wants the best for everyone. After pursuing numerous modalities of self healing and many ups and downs I can honestly say that Nancy has been the first to truly care about who I am as a person. This resonates deeply with me.

She is a rare gem who truly connects to the force of all that is good and positive, not to mention living what she believes.

As a side bar, Nancy inspires me through her travelling, kayaking, jumping out of an airplane in the ‘ripe old 60’s’ (and broke both feet which healed rapidly), she is truly an inspiration You go Girl!!!! …Nancy you are the best xxx

Ann Mariani


Working with Nancy is always deep, wild, and hilarious! Nancy can have you crying in one moment and laughing hysterically in the next. Nancy is always gentle, compassionate, and unassuming – and these qualities make sessions with Nancy truly special. I always feel safe in sharing anything with Nancy and know that she will always witness my healing journey without judgement. Thank you so much for your support, guidance, and joyful connection to Creator, Nancy!

— Dr. Joanna Perkins,


Nancy is wonderful to work with! She is patient, open, understanding and always makes me feel supported regardless of the issues that surface during a session (and boy have we had some interesting things surface!). I have experienced significant shifts throughout my time working with Nancy which has impacted my life greatly. Also, numerous positive opportunities have come my way and things that used to cause me grief or concern no longer do!

Thank you Nancy for all that you do! Looking forward to future sessions with you!

— Connie K


For our session, I asked Nancy to do a full body scan. She immediately commented that my head was sparking – like there were lots of new connections being made. I have recently been working with self-hypnosis tapes, so I see that as positive news! Nancy then identified issues with my throat (having trouble speaking up for myself), my lungs (past asthma issues), my heart (recent problems), and most surprisingly, she correctly identified that my left hip was bothering me!

Together we identified that several of my issues were being influenced by issues with my parents, specifically my mother. When Nancy asked Creator for healing, I saw and felt white light energy coming down, and splitting into several “fingers”. I was happy to see that the healing was being offered to my mother (who passed away many years ago) as well as to me. I found the process of releasing the past to Creator made me feel much lighter and freer. Nancy asked Creator to give me additional guidance going forward, which I’ve noticed is already helping me to deal with those around me in a more direct and loving way.

This was a wonderful session, and I highly recommend Nancy for your ThetaHealing! Thank you Nancy!

— Dianne Karg Baron


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