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Here I am now after beginning to take the ThetaHealing Technique Seminars in 2014, and what an amazing trip it has been. I have learned to connect with Creator, God for guidance, and have received physical, emotional and spiritual healing from Creator and have seen so much healing in others. I am a practitioner and instructor and I love to work with clients and teach seminars.

I have used natural healing methods for myself for over 45 years – acupuncture, homeopathic, ayurveda, cranial sacral, yoga, rife therapy, chiropractic, reflexology. Use of all these modalities has been life changing and has brought me to ThetaHealing.

I had very bad knees for years. One knee was operated on for a torn meniscus and a bone chip. Two months before starting ThetaHealing a healer worked on them energetically once a week for 8 weeks and they were completely healed. That is when I realized we can do this ourselves and I started searching. Of course God brought someone to me to tell me about ThetaHealing.

When I began in ThetaHealing I got myself off of my thyroid medication that I had been on for 4 years. I was taking my medications daily. One day I realized in class that I had not remembered to take my pill. I asked Creator about it and was told that I didn’t need it anymore. I went in to be tested by a doctor and it was normal. I also had a large cystic tumour on my thyroid for 11 years. That too was gone. I had many lung issues when I was young – asthma, allergies, pneumonia, bronchitis, pneumonitis. My lungs have been healed through the ThetaHealing Technique.

I broke both my ankles in Montana in 2016 parachuting from a plane. The small bone in my left ankle and the small and large support bone in my right ankle were broken. I had many healings sent to me in the hospital in Montana. One ThetaHealer worked with me on the phone and was told by Creator that the bones would be healed in 6 days. I had velcro boots on and the doctors told me I would not be putting any pressure on my right foot at all for at least 9 weeks. I was in 7 days. When I flew back to Ontario, Canada eleven days later, the doctor there wanted to put a pin in the large support bone. I said no. The same doctor took x-rays three weeks later and said they were healed and I could take the velcro boots off, which I had not been wearing, had been driving my car.

What really sets ThetaHealing apart from other modalities for me is that it teaches how to release subconscious beliefs and obligations that do not serve us. Releasing these changes the synaptic connections in the brain, creating new neural networks. ThetaHealing sessions can be done on the phone, on Skype and I have also used texting.

This is not work or a job for me, it is my passion, it is fun. I am a fun loving person, very open about myself and who I really am.

It has been very liberating for me to learn that I have total connection with God to receive guidance, and also freewill to accept that guidance or not.

I am enthusiastic about life and the ThetaHealing Technique. I have learned that God is the healer and I am the witness and that when I teach I am teaching Creator’s students. By doing this my intuition is crystal clear and I am able to quickly and easily get to the root of the issue.

Within three months of beginning to take seminars I came to Peterborough and took 7 weeks of seminars with Kathrine Williams. My style in seminars and sessions isn’t clinical or rigid. I began taking seminars when I was 65, and now I realize how much I appreciated the openness of my instructor, the learning, laughing, tears, support and fun I had with all the other students. This is what my seminars are like – a safe place for you to be yourself and be totally open about how you feel, to be your authentic self.

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